The guide to choosing Office Wall Art

The guide to choosing Office Wall Art

Art draws attention and focus, gets people conversing, and creates a lasting impression if chosen well.
Wall art sets the tone for a space, having the potential to make or break your décor.
The right piece of wall art can impress clients and co-workers the moment they walk into your office even if its a virtual, zoom meeting.

With so much riding on the right piece of wall art, choosing one for your office can be overwhelming.
You want to pick the perfect piece that suits your brand and image, complements your office décor, makes a positive impact on clients, and motivates employees.

We have some valuable tips to get it right.
Get ready to spruce up your office space, whether it is a large commercial property, mid-sized office complex, home office, or a small study.

How to Choose Wall Art for Your Office Space?

The art style plays a big role in creating the desired effect.
Do you want to tell a story? Or do you want to intrigue your viewers with thought provoking art?

Do you want to create a calm work environment? Or do you want to add a bright pop of color that draws immediate attention?

What size of wall art should you go for? What is the best art for home office?
This wall art guide will answer these questions.

Is a World Map a great choice for my office?

A World Map draws immediate attention, especially if its a special one, handmade from wood. It creates an adventurous and ambitious vibe in your office.

Doesn't matter if you are a travel enthusiast or not, this map will be a focal point in your office. Clients and co-workers will admire it. Your Wooden World Map will start conversations and it will connect you with people in a new way.

Matching or unmatching colors?

Color vise you can take one of the following steps:

Either go with a color that matches your office decor, or choose one that completely stands out of it. An unmatching color will draw more attention on your map, so it will be the highlight of your office space.

A color that fits your office decor can create a calm, more traditional look.

Either way, you can't go wrong. A World Map in your office will add to the overall ambience.

What size should I  choose?

To set a professional tone in your office setting, it’s important to not overdo the décor aspect. Crowding your lobby or foyer with several small pieces of art may look flashy.

So, go minimalistic instead with just one or two large pieces of wall art that can create a big and memorable impact. Choose a large office wall art to cover a bare wall.
It gives visitors an interesting visual piece to look at and admire. For the optimum effect, select the wall that has the most exposure in you office space.


No matter what style you’d like to opt for, you can't go wrong with a World Map.

With a fine level of detail and craftsmanship, our maps make for the most impressive wall art you’ll find today.

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