Home office inspiration around the globe

Home office inspiration around the globe

Decorating your home can be challenging. Your home office is no exception.
It needs to be warm, welcoming, motivating. This place is where you spend a significant amount of time.

A clean example from Connecticut

Lets start from the beginning: simple, high contrasts color choice for the space.
It makes a clean, organized impression, mixed with some plants to add more natural vibe.

Alicia did a great job with her wall art. She choose to have a mixture of photos, quotes and a Wooden World Map in her home office.

They create a warm, motivating atmosphere to work in. As an addition, her world map serves as a unique zoom background as well.

Simple yet attractive from Florida

Function beats from. Do you agree? No, me neither, but in this office everything is about simplicity and function.
It doesn't mean it can't look good. I love how Jen managed to tie the whole space together with her Wooden World Map.

It's a great example of how important your wall art is. The different tones of wood matching all the furniture's tones.

A work corner from Melbourne

What makes a home office? It's not the fancy stuff, but the basics. Besides your desk and chair, you need a very few items to make a corner your inspiring home office.

A great example is Katy's work corner, she decided to stick with the basics with a twist. And that twist is (yes, you guessed it) her wall art.
A Wooden World Map in Sahara color was the perfect choice for her home office.
It lights up the space with the perfectly matching tones.

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