Supersize your style with large wall art (pt.1)

Supersize your style with large wall art (pt.1)

Large wall art looks spectacular in a variety of homes and spaces and it can really make or break your home décor.
The effect and the impact of a large wooden world map is undeniable and worth considering for any home.

Best of all, it’s a super easy way to convert any room in your house with just one piece. You can transform your home in a few hours.

Create a focal point in a room

A large world map adds a focal piece that sticks in people’s memories for years to come.
It stands out and doesn’t get lost amongst the various furnishings and other home décor items.

An easy remedy (especially if you are wed to a lot of the pieces in your room), is to incorporate your wooden world map to be the primary focal point.

On the other side of the coin, if your room is sparse and lacks any solid design features, using a large wooden world map will instantaneously create a tastefully designed room.

Inspire interest on a large empty wall

Having a big bare wall can make things feel stark and soulless. An instant fix is a beautiful world map, made from wood.
Additionally, large wall art helps make a generously sized place feel less cavernous and lonely.

Tie together your color palette

Choosing a color theme for your entire home or room décor can be an overwhelming task.
However, it’s the most crucial of the whole interior design process.
Once you have the color scheme nailed down, then other areas of the design process seem to flow.
So, when you need an immediate solution to tie all your natural colors together you can make it happen instantly with a wooden world map.

Fill the space behind the couch

It’s not easy matching your couch with your loungeroom’s wall art but with a large world map, you can make the couch the complementary piece to a beautiful artwork and disguise any bare walls.

Add big fun to a children’s room

What is more fun than a beautiful world map?
Art and creativity help children develop emotionally, physically and mentally, so it’s never too early to inspire them.

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