Guide to choosing the decoration of office walls!

Guide to choosing the decoration of office walls!

Art attracts attention and focuses, makes people talk and makes an unforgettable impression if it is chosen correctly.

Wall art sets the tone of a space that can create or destroy your decor.

The right mural can impress customers and colleagues as they enter your office, even if it's a virtual scale meeting.

 With so many right wall art pieces, choosing one for your office can be amazing.

You want to choose the perfect thing that suits your brand and image, complements the decor of your office, has a positive effect on customers and motivates employees.

 We have some valuable tips on how to do it right.

Get ready to decorate your office space, whether it's a large commercial property, a medium-sized office complex, a home office or a small office.


How to choose wall art for your office space?

Artistic style plays a big role in creating the desired effect.

Want to tell a story? Or do you want to intrigue your audience, which makes you think about art?


Do you want to create a calm working atmosphere? Do you want to add bright colors that will immediately attract attention?


What size mural to choose? What art is best for your home office?

This guide to wall art will answer these questions.


Is a world map a great choice for my office?

A world map immediately attracts attention if it is special, made by hand from wood. It creates an adventurous and ambitious atmosphere in your office.


Whether you're a travel enthusiast or not, this card will be the center of attention in your office. Clients and colleagues will admire him. Your wooden map of the world will be an occasion for conversation and will connect you with people in a new way.

Appropriate or inappropriate colors?

Colored vise can be performed in one of the following steps:


Either choose a color that matches the decor of your office, or choose one that stands out completely from it. Unique color will draw more attention to your card, so it will be a feature of your office space.


A color that matches the decor of your office can create a calmer, more traditional look.


In any case, you will not be mistaken. A world map in your office will add to the overall atmosphere.


What size to choose?

To set a professional tone in the atmosphere of your office, it is important not to overdo the decor. Overcrowding the lobby or foyer with a few small works of art can be glaring.


So, instead, use minimalism with one or two large works of art on the wall that can make a great impression. Choose a large office wall painting to cover a bare wall.

This gives visitors an interesting visual part that you can look at and admire. For optimal effect, choose the wall that has the largest exposure in your office.


No matter what style you choose, you can't go wrong with a world map.


Thanks to the high level of detail and skill, our maps are the most impressive wall art you will find today.


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