3 examples for a Wooden Map on a colorful wall

3 examples for a Wooden Map on a colorful wall

Colorful walls are usually great choices, because they make your artwork pop.
Whether you have an accent wall or you paint the whole room, a Wooden World Map will look stunning on your colorful wall. Let's see a few combinations!

Light + dark=?

In this case perfection!
The darker green wall creates a great contrast with the rest of the room. When you paint your walls in a darker tone, you have to pay attention to the rest of your interior.

You need flooring and furniture with a light tone to balance the darker walls. Your wall art is not an exception.

Having a lighter toned Wooden World Map is the way to go. Its not too flashy, but it will catch attention. Not to mention its a proper choice fora kids room.


Blue is the warmest color

(movie reference :) )
Having blue walls are the perfect background for a Wooden World Map.
Its mimicking the oceans, thus making your wooden map look even more extravagant. Depending the blue tone of your wall, you can create several vibes by choosing a map from different colors.

Like a tasty red wine

Mounting your map on a plywood background will give you a ton of great choices for picking the colors. Also, you'll have the option to easily relocate your Wooden World Map if necessary. In the case of the lighter toned wooden map, the darker burgundy color is creating a nice, eye catching contrast.

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