Travel Corner Design Ideas & Tips (Part 1)

Travel Corner Design Ideas & Tips (Part 1)

This one is for all the travel buffs out there. A lot of us might love traveling, and often we wish to bring the moments lived during the vacation, back home. But how do we use these memories to style the interiors of our house?
We at Ukrainian Goods are determined to help you out by bringing to you a few design tips and ideas to create your very own travel corner.

So, this trend is new and is most popular amongst the backpackers. Travel corners are essentially those nooks in your house, where you can showcase your travel memories.

Travel corners act as a constant reminder of your favorite journeys and hence will always lift your spirits.
And let’s be honest, everybody loves revisiting those sweet moments from the summer vacation!

Corners can let all the storages to just sink in and still bring that artistic vibe to your room.
So, let’s be adaptive and give these corners a creative makeover. Here we have a few design ideas and tips for your travel corners.

1. Poster wall

For this idea, go in with a plane bed and maybe a desk with a lamp. Behind this let there be a wall full of posters.
This room needs to be spacious, to make room for all the energy that the bright posters will bring to the room.

Again, for this look your room needs to have bright light coming in, natural light will be preferred though.
This will bring an extremely fun vibe to your room.

2. The small corner furniture piece

Decorate your souvenirs from all around the world on this corner furniture piece.
Throw in a few memorable pictures along with it. To further finalize this look, use a few fairy lights to illuminate the exquisite corner. For this idea, you can also use a few wall art pieces.
It will give you an artistic yet modern corner which will grab your visitor's attention.

3. Travel themed rooms

If you don’t mind going all out at once, then you can theme one of the rooms in your house.
For this, you can go in with neutral shades for the room while using some accessories to colorize the room more naturally.
You can also add in a few vintage travel bags, a clock, wall art, or even a wooden globe.

4. Decorate your coffee table

It’s not a problem if you don’t like the idea of dedicating an entire wall or an entire shelf for your travel souvenirs.
Sometimes, cluttered pieces on tabletops can do the trick. The art pieces are portable too, where you can transfer them from one area to another, contingent on where you think it’s required.

5. Gallery wall

You can also decorate your walls, put up some of your most favorite memories from your adventures.
The lobby or the corridor walls can be perfectly used for this purpose.

A very good idea for such a gallery wall can be, to have your pictures in monochrome.
The combination of black and white is really aesthetic to look at.

6. A 3D world map

This is the kind of wall art, that can have the biggest impact in your room.
Even though this will require a bigger area on your wall, but to be honest, it is definitely worth it.
You can use any plain wall in your home to attach a vertical, Wooden World Map with the double-sided tape included in the package, or get a piece of plywood (maybe paint it) and fix your map on it.

Further, you can try to illuminate this wall art with some LED strip lights to drive even more attention to your beautiful wall art. 

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