The best spots for a World Map wall art in Your Home

The best spots for a World Map wall art in Your Home

Oftentimes we don’t give enough thought, let alone credit, to the wonderful planet we're living on.

Decorating your home with gorgeous world map wall art, is a great way to remember your journeys around the world. 

No matter how big or small, modern or traditional, minimalistic or loaded your space, remember wall art, when strategically placed, can create the most impact.

Where to your World Map Art in your Home?

1. Living Room Wall

Admittedly, not everyone who enters your home is a travel enthusiast.
But is there anyone who isn’t intrigued by the beauty of a Wooden World Map?

For families with children especially, a big world map can help fuel children’s minds with imagination and ambition.

The living room, where you entertain, is always the focal point of attention with all guests, be it friends, family, or colleagues.

The most popular space to put a world map is the wall directly above the couch, where you and your guests can get an up-close look at it.
Its guaranteed to get some really interesting conversations going.

2. Lobby or Corridor

Many spacious and large homes have a lobby, passageway, or corridor that serve as the main entryway. These are some of the most overlooked spaces and have bare walls …but not anymore.

Place some brilliant wooden map art here for visitors to marvel at as soon as they enter your not-so-humble abode.

3. Home Office, Library, or Study

Having a dedicated work space or study at home is not uncommon and is in fact an increasingly prevalent concept in these challenging pandemic-inflicted times.
Adorn the empty walls of your study or library with dazzling world map art.

What’s more, it will even serve as a fitting aesthetic background as you
Zoom or video conference with your clients and colleagues, creating the perfect
professional setting and not to mention a positive, adventurous impression.

4. Studio Apartments

Studio spaces can get cramped really quickly, but not with the right objects like art! Consider magnifying your space with a World Map wall art.

A beautiful piece of Wooden World Map on a wall draws immediate attention, giving the impression of adventure.
It also helps set an optimistic and cozy vibe.

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