July decor inspo

July decor inspo

New month means fresh decor inspo for you. Things getting slow as we are heading deeper into the summer. Your long avaited vacation is getting closer day by day.

Do you prefer visiting foreign countries, travelling in your own country/state, or staying at home and relax? Comment below!

Alaska in the office

As you might know, we've recently restocked one of our fan favorite wooden map, Alaska.
This beautiful, grey-tone map can be a great addition to many rooms in your home.

It can be the star of your living room, or it can be the motivating wall art in your home office. Wither way, you're gonna love it!

2 tone decor scheme

Choosing your home's color scheme is a challenging task.
White and cream are trending colors in 2022. Mix any of this two with an accent color and boom, you got your beautiful and trendy color palette for your home.

The next step is to find the perfect, matching furniture, wall art and other decor items.
The result is so satisfying and fulfilling to look at. Check out the perfectly matching wooden tones. The wooden world map and the top of the cabinet are in harmony with the surrounding colors.

Colorful walls are the perfect background

Colorful walls are one of the best background for a wooden map. Ideally blue is the best, because it mimics the color of the oceans around the world.
On the other hand, green is also a great choice, due to its natural match with wooden tones.

This multicolored wooden map is bringing harmony to this dining room on this green wall. Harmony, that everyone wants in their homes.

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